Award-winning South African lighting company, willowlamp has launched two new art chandeliers, the Spiralling Tree and its related design, the Double Spiralling Tree.

The Spiralling Tree and Double Spiralling Tree are two versions of the same initial concept – a winding tree branch with leaf canopies that cascade around its circumference.

The body or ‘branch’ consists of a steel frame, while the ‘canopies’ are made out of elegant drops of chain. The weight of the chain causes the branch to collapse downwards and inwards forming the elegant spiral shape for which the chandeliers are named.

These two new designs were both inspired by the Enchanted Faraway Tree chandelier, which has counterbalancing branches at multiple levels. However, the two new designs take their original concept a step further – the entire body is one continuous piece instead of the fragmented layers of the Enchanted Faraway Tree. 

“These new designs were inspired by a large-scale commission I am currently working on for a client’s home in London, which is a massive “Enchanted Forest” installation with multiple levels and layers spanning a 5.5 x 3.5m area and a 2.5m drop,” says willowlamp’s creative director, Adam.

What makes the Double Spiralling Tree unique and fascinating is that its figure of eight design forms a three-dimensional mobius strip once the weight of the branch and chain collapses the spiral downward.

The shape and form of this three-dimensional mobius strip is further enhanced by LED edge lighting in the structural core of the branches. This illuminated line continuously mutates as one moves around the chandelier and adds to its visually striking effect.

willowlamp designs are a fusion of complex patterns and organic forms inspired by nature.