Anaglypta has been on our walls and ceilings for over 125 years.

The brand was established in 1887 by Thomas Palmer, who saw the potential of his new paper embossing process to create wallpapers with depth and charm. He set up production in Storeys Mill in Lancaster, with the first lines showcased at the 1887 Manchester Exhibition – the year of Queen Victoria’s jubilee.

Since then, Anaglypta has grown and developed. It’s lined the walls of Victorian villas and Art Deco apartments, Modernist townhouses and contemporary Hotels and department stores.

The core idea remains the same, however. A product that’s honest, interesting, and beautiful. Something you can touch, something you can paint over, something that is uniquely Anaglypta. 

Today, more than a 125 years later, Anaglypta is still in production, and providing a wide range of products suitable for a variety of interiors and applications. The current range includes a fine selection of Heritage and Contemporary designs spanning its long history. ‘Folded paper’ RD80028, pictured, shows one of the more recent additions to its portfolio.