Born out of Mosa’s deep understanding of the world of ceramics, the series is inspired by the extraordinary relationship between illumination and the colour spectrum. Nature, art, and trends in architecture, as well as ancient Greek philosophers’ visions on colour and light, played a pivotal role in the creation of μ.

Mosa’s specialists studied ceramic pigments and the way they interact with each other, as well as their relationship with elements such as light, distance and angle, and coloured objects, expertly weaving different hues within a single surface.

This coexistence creates an inherent dynamism. As light changes in a room, so does the look of a μ floor, creating colour effects that are intangible and full of surprises. μ is making the most of the three-dimensional space that surrounds it, as it’s adding the fourth dimension – time – to the mix.

Each surface in the μ series is a combination of many different colours; an optical blend of millions of brightly tinted grains made by mixing ceramic pigment with clay. Because of the natural falling of granulate, a vivid shading effect is ensured for each 60 × 60 centimetres piece in this refreshingly pared down series.

The tiles come in four key overall neutral shades - white, light grey, grey and brown. Due to the unique production process, a surface that appears grey and softly coloured from a certain distance, upon close inspection is revealed to be a bespoke arrangement of different bright hues, transformed by the way they are lit. This helps build μ’s identity and defines its distinctive, fluid and ethereal, yet energetic nature.