The new products include a Dual Layer Zip’n’Link topper that’s been developed specifically to meet the needs of busy commercial environments and a new SMARTDOWN duvet and pillow – that emulate the decadence, sensation and properties of 100% Goose Down but use recycled PET bottles to create soft, silky fibres.
The latest additions will be showcased alongside The Fine Bedding Company’s popular washable Spundown range, which delivers huge cost savings in terms of in-house laundering and room turnaround time, and its luxury naturals collection on stand number 221. 


Within the last two years The Fine Bedding Hospitality Division has become one of the fastest growing suppliers of filled bedding to the hospitality sector, and this year alone has added a number of high profile new hotels to its growing client list. 


As part of Trendsetter International, which manufactures and distributes three retail brand collections as well as own label products for some of the biggest names on the UK high street, The Fine Bedding Hospitality Division has the capability to tailor solutions for hospitality partners. This includes specialist support, bespoke new product development and direct control over the manufacturing process to ensure products arrive on time, against even the tightest deadlines.  


What also sets The Fine Bedding Hospitality Division’s products apart is the ethical and environmental reassurance that can be communicated to hotel guests; fillings within its natural range are only sourced from suppliers that have been independently certified to adhere to the strictest animal welfare policies and quality standards.
All natural products have assured traceability that they are responsibly sourced. No other supplier to the sector has equivalent assurances or policies in place.    


Another breakthrough is The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality Division Zip’n’Link mattress topper. This new innovation – designed specifically for the hospitality sector – addresses the washability, storage and practicality of Zip ‘n’ Link beds. 


The product can be used as one superking topper and then conveniently split into two twin bed toppers. No storage required and the top unzips and can be washed on site, dried and back on the bed the same day.
Not only is the topper supersoft, supportive and thick, it also eradicates the challenges of toppers for zip‘n’link beds. It ensures comfort for customers, efficiency for Housekeepers, and even extends the life of the mattress. There is currently a patent pending on this product.


“We spend a long time talking to hoteliers to really understand the challenges they face when it comes to filled bedding, from reducing the need to use specialist cleaning companies to flexible options that help with storage and the speed of room turnaround," says Sara Nolan, business development manager at The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality Division.
“Bedding in the hospitality industry is increasingly about marrying the luxurious feel of a product and cost efficiencies in terms of laundering. The breadth of products in our range, with the added benefit of our unique Smartfil® synthetic fibres, means we really are catering for all size of hotel and individual requirements. I am confident that we are exceeding the industry standard and the needs of customers.”