Style Library Contract's new collections for Autumn/Winter 2017. 

Zoffany Damask The Alchemy of Colour

Reminiscent of the company’s beginnings, ‘Zoffany Damask: The Alchemy of Colour’ wallpaper collection fuses past and present. Harnessing this appreciation of colour this launch intricately explores how colour alone can renew a design.

‘The ‘Damask’ collection reinterprets the brand's most prestigious damask designs from the archive through the use of colour.

A note on the ‘Alchemy of Colour’

Delving into the transformative power of colour, the Zoffany design team set up their ‘alchemists’ studio, with the intention to distil colour back to its original essence.

Extracting natural plant dyes and crushing minerals to create their own pigments that emanate the jewel-like colours found in silk documents within the Zoffany archive, they composed an extraordinary diversity of rich and complex colours, and experimented with these hues across a mixture of exquisite yarns.

Morris & Co. Archive IV -The Collector

For the fourth volume of the outstandingly successful Archive series, the Morris & Co. studio have explored Morris’ role as a collector of Persian carpets and global textiles and the influence it had on his work.

Inspired by Morris’ passion for understanding the craftsmanship of the past and the East, this collection includes adaptations of his stunning hand knotted carpets as well as the Eastern textiles found complementing Morris fabrics and wallpapers in the interiors of Standen and Wightwick Manor.

"The documents behind this collection mostly date from the 1870s and 1880s when Morris was busy teaching himself to weave and work with natural dyes," comments Keren Protheroe, archivist at Morris & Co. "The fruits of his research were textiles and wallpapers that both physically, and symbolically rejected industrialised manufacturing in England."

The launch comprises three pattern books: The Collector Fabrics, The Collector Upholstery Fabrics, The Collector Wallpapers and Purleigh Weaves, all coloured in an authentic Morris & Co. palette of madders, indigos and forest greens.

Harlequin Lucero & Seduire

The Harlequin Studio has produced Lucero and Seduire: aspirational collections glistening with lustrous finishes and seductive colours, guaranteed to confer an irresistible sense of style and glamour to the interior. Lucero, meaning star in Spanish and Seduire, named after the French word for seduce, have been designed to follow the highly successful Leonida collection.

The resulting range of fabrics and wallcoverings is energetic, polished and decidedly chic.

Harlequin Entity

The avant-garde has always inspired the Harlequin Studio and for her latest collection designer Becky Brown has keyed into the concept of ‘Architectural Fashion’. Entity is a geometric collection, which explores the interplay of light and shadow, negative spaces and the repetition and organisation of pattern and form.

The trend of Architectural Fashion uses textiles as construction materials, giving rise to both hard and soft, straight and curved lines. Exaggerated outlines, overstated perspectives and sinuous layers create bold silhouettes that emphasise structure, shape and form. Engineered layers, surface texture and 3-D designs epitomise the trend.

The designs explore the ways in which natural silhouettes can be emphasised, at times distorted and very often totally transformed, channelling a polished industrial aesthetic then playing it down to become softer and more approachable. With more than a nod to the aesthetics of Bauhaus, Cubism and Futurism, the motifs mimic the reflection of gleaming panels of glass: broken shards: dappled light through trees and leaves reflecting on grass; spheres built up in layers with negative space; regulated chevrons; angular geo-florals; even the silhouettes of people in a crowded city, an urban, faceless rush depicted in abstract repetition.


Style Library Contract are thrilled to present 9 new collections from the FR One brand, the industry leader in inherently fire-retardant fabrics. This range, for which we are the exclusive distributor in the UK, is renowned for providing four major features of paramount importance to interior designers: safety, quality, design and affordability. The range comprises the following collections: Jaba, Jadeite, Jadore, Jaime, Jeopardy, Jest, Jojoba, Jovial, Jubilea.