Whether the brief is to blend in or stand out, Lawcris’ innovative washroom range ticks all the boxes. The collection comprises of 23 fresh complementing décor designs featuring vibrant primary colours, natural woodgrains and sought-after patterns.

But what makes this range really stand out is that every single colour is available in compact solid grade laminate, high pressure laminate and moisture resistant melamine faced chipboard, providing customers with the ability to play with various material combinations. Not only this, the whole range has also got matching edging for every single decor, creating a complete family of products.

“In today’s economic climate, there is a greater demand for suppliers to provide a competitive package in the UK commercial washroom market," says Emma Lanfear-Wright, Lawcris’ laminate product manager.

"With budgets being stretched in every way possible, clients are looking to get more for their money than ever before. Having the ability to switch from one material to another using the same décor has never been more important to stretch those budgets as far as they can go without compromising on design."

The flexibility to mix and match makes the nature of this range an ideal surfacing solution for every washroom application, lending aesthetic appeal to any room or facility. Especially for use in changing rooms and as wall cladding or partitions in washroom areas such as toilets, hospitals, swimming pools and spa resorts.

The surfaces have proven their easy-care and hard-wearing properties in continuous operation and the creative freedom that is delivered by this washroom range brings endless design possibilities creating a whole host of items such as cubicles, lockers, benches, vanity units, duct panelling and more.

It doesn’t stop there, Lawcris also offers a bespoke digital print service of any picture onto the face of the laminate or compact to personalise the space or to match colours to specific customer brands.

Lawcris is pleased to confirm that the whole washroom range is FSC certified. This popular collection can be found on the Lawcris website.