Kit has forged a formidable reputation within the international design sector. As design director of Firmdale Hotels PLC, she is the creative force behind venues such London’s Ham Yard, Charlotte Street and The Soho Hotel,  as well as NYC’s Crosby Street Hotel and The Whitby. 

Wilton Carpets, too, has a prestigious standing as a one of the most prominent designers and manufacturers of carpet in Britain. Situated in Wiltshire – the spiritual home of weaving for almost 400 years – Wilton Carpets prides itself in modern manufacturing, blended with traditional craftsmanship.

Indeed, its experienced design team, headed up by Damien Roscoe, has pushed carpet craft to its limits in order to transform Kit’s ideas into beautiful, high quality woven carpets.

“New manufacturing technology has made my ideas a possibility and with its design input, Wilton Carpets has turned them into a joyful reality,” Kit explains. “We have been able to create subtle effects and graduations of colour to give carpets a unique feel, similar to the finish of a hand-blocked fabric. Colour makes you feel happy and gives a contemporary buzz to this collection.”

The made-to-order range – available in wall-to-wall carpet and as bespoke area rugs – brings nine unique and diverse designs, drawing from folklore, architecture and botanical motifs, amongst other sources of inspiration. Batik, for example, references hand-blocked fabrics and the subtle effect this technique brings, while By Way brings a classic herringbone to the table, complete with bright colour combinations. 

Detail offers a strong architectural look, graphic and bold in tone, while Domino is based on traditional Turkish carpets, offered in four dynamic colourways. Flower and Berry’’s botanical patterns works perfectly in both traditional and modern settings, while ‘Leaf Cut’ channels falling leaves in a modern way to bring visul interest to any environment. 

Tribal influences are apparent in the Open Plan design – a large repeat that would be suites to grand areas, or to make a statement, ‘Squiggle’ is a simple linear geometric design. Lastly, Tweed Fleck is a modern-day classic, complete with flecks of tiny vibrant colours.  

The richness of pattern within the designs allows Kit’s creativity to be fully realised in all its glory, a feat that is testament to Wilton Carpets’ extensive expertise and experience.

“We’re incredibly proud of the Kit Kemp by Wilton Carpets collection as it represents just what is achievable when two creative forces collaborate,” says Damian Roscoe, head of creative at Wilton Carpets.

“The collection has been a joy to develop and we’ve worked closely with Kit to make sure her vision was reproduced with the attention to detail for which we are famed.”