Barrisol® Normalu® is a world leader in stretched ceilings. The company offers solutions for walls and ceilings: acoustic, luminous, print, 3D & Climatisation.

Its range of products can enhance any space, and highlights Barrisol’s know-how and innovative approach.

Barrisol® is present in more than 110 countries and is always close to clients and projects thanks to its network of 1200 approved Barrisol® installers. Innovation, aesthetics, quality and preservation of the environment are its priorities, and those of all its employees and partners.

Since the company’s creation 51 years ago, it has filed more than 100 patents and has received more than 40 awards, including the Top design award 2015 for its Barrisol® Mirror range.

A reflective material almost like a glass mirror, but lighter (292 g/sqm) and even more malleable, this membrane can enhance inner decorations and give free reign to the imagination.

The Barrisol® Mirror is designed to be fixed on the aluminum frames of the Barrisol® system. This allows the creation of all kind of shapes: circles, triangles, rectangles and squares.

3D creations are also possible, as Barrisol’s partnership with the designer, Ross Lovegrove, can prove.

Used in small touches, Barrisol® Mirror brings light, while in large frames it deepens the space. Combined with others from the Barrisol® range of products, clients’ ceilings and walls will become a bright surface conveying a contemporary and uncluttered approach to design.

Whether printed or backlit, Barrisol® Mirror – combined with an exclusive system of nanoperforations – enhances the acoustic comfort of public and private places.

Barrisol® offers a range of acoustic stretch ceilings with different degrees of sound absorption (up to αw 0.95) adapted to each type of room.

Barrisol® Mirror complies with the European CE norm, and is produced with plasticizers guaranteed to contain no phthalate, no cadmium, no mercury and no arsenic. The product is fire-rated according to European and international standards (B-s2,d0).

Barrisol® Stretched Ceilings are also rated A+ (best result) for indoor air quality, in accordance with current legislation.

With Barrisol® there are no limits to the imagination.