Could you please provide a brief overview of the products and services offered by Barrisol?

Barrisol® Normalu® is the world leader in stretched ceilings. We offer a diverse array of acoustic, luminous, print, 3D & climatisation solutions for walls and ceilings.

We are present in more than 110 countries and are close to clients and projects thanks to our network of 1200 approved Barrisol® installers. Innovation, aesthetics, quality, health, security and preservation of the environment are our priorities, and those of all our employees and partners.

What key benefits do you feel Barrisol’s stretch ceilings can bring to hospitality venues?

Acoustic comfort is the first benefit, second is the security; we only offer quality products that respect European and American certifications.

We are certified at the best levels of VOC emissions class A+ and fire classification B-s1,d0, (class 0 zero) and we are contributing to HQE, BREEAM and LEED projects. We also offer a 10-year product warranty and over 20 unique stretch ceiling and walls systems.

We have over 50 years of experience as the market leader.

Could you explain in a little more depth about the diverse and highly creative range of designs Barrisol can create?

We offer over 250 different colours, nearly unlimited on HD Printing. We also offer alternative products such as our Mirror range, CLIM air conditioning, lighting solutions, 3D shapes, textile-printed solutions for walls and our glass textile system.

We’ve collaborated with artists and designers from all over the world. For example, Ross Lovegrove and Chantal Thomass have designed a range of contemporary lighting which is magnified by Barrisol’s membranes and technology.

Could you talk a little more about the practical benefits of stretch ceilings?

- Lightness – 20 times less material in general than a conventional material

- Removable and reassembled at will; avoiding material destruction for accessibility

- Barrisol membranes are impermeable and avoid or minimise water damage

- Possibility of integrating lights, sound and video systems, as well as technical equipment – from smoke detectors and sprinklers to pipes and columns – without unsightly installations

- Longevity of more than 20 years

- No emissions of CFCs or HCFCs

- Membrane is made with phthalate-free plasticisers and guaranteed without cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury

How does Barrisol work to minimise its impact on the environment?

Barrisol® membranes and profiles are 100% recyclable. From the start, Barrisol has proven its ecological commitment by respecting the environment from the fabrication process of our membranes and profiles to its final installation.

No water is used in the manufacturing process and the installation is clean and safe. Furthermore, the raw material used for production is recyclable or made with recycled materials.

Could you tell us about a recent hospitality project you’ve completed?

Barrisol® has deployed all its know-how to transform the Restaurant Buerehiesel’s glass roof in Strasbourg. For the interior, a 6m-long Barrisol Mirror® frame was installed, alongside Mini Manta lamps by Ross Lovegrove and a beautiful Butterfly lamp by Chantal Thomass, flying under a Barrisol Light Acoustic® ceiling printed with an exclusively-designed motif.

Are you finding that there is a trend towards any particular style of design at the moment?

Barrisol’s climatisation heating, cooling and ventilation system. With its unique and patented open shape, the Barrisol®Clim® can transfer air either by blowing between the plenum space and the rest of the room.

The system uses less energy than standard air-conditioning, is environmentally friendly (less energy, less matter) AAA cold and AAA hot performance, according to the ISO 7730 standard.

It was even awarded The Janus 2017 – a label of excellence from the French Institute of Design.

Are there any upcoming developments or projects you’re able to discuss?

Our upcoming projects are confi dential, but some of our very latest work includes Havas’ new European headquarters – which involved the installation of Barrisol’s Silver Mirror membrane to create a striking illusion – as well as the installation of more than 16000m2 of acoustic ceiling at Aspire Sports Dome Doha in Qatar, “Le Louve” Abu Dhabi, Cultural Center in Koweit, Ikea in Portugal, Coral Reef Bracknell in United Kingdom.