How can designers for the hospitality sector ensure their projects meet all the key criteria from sophisticated elegance to reliable performance? Selected by architects and designers who are creating special features for two shows (Sleep + Eat 2018 and The Independent Hotel Show 2018), Corian® Solid Surface will demonstrate why it is perfectly suited to high-impact hospitality design.

Combining beauty, versatility and resistance to wear and tear, Corian® has been put to work with great success in quality establishments around the world. Applications range from striking reception areas to elegant, easy-care bathrooms, chic bedroom furniture and stylish bar tops.

Capable of bringing a distinctive identity to any design scheme, Corian®can also master any number of technical challenges, from incorporating smart technology and lighting effects to unique or branded decorative details.

Particular qualities set Corian® apart as the ideal answer to pristine ‘wet-areas’ from food and beverage service to spa facilities and washrooms. Completely homogenous, non-porous and straightforward to maintain, Corian® can eliminate the need for grout and visible seals that could become vulnerable to mould and mildew.

Sleek, hygienic and stain-resistant, the material is robust and durable, but can be restored to full beauty should any damage occur. And now, new Corian® Resilience Technology in four dedicated colours specially created for high-traffic environments offers even greater resistance and damage forgiveness, without sacrificing design versatility.

The Hotel Room of the Future at The Independent Hotel Show:

For the ‘Hotel Room of The Future’ concept, interior designers Nicholas Sunderland and Gilly Craft of Two’s Company have chosen leading brands and specialists in their field to help create a unique and beautiful space.

“Creating a room with 21st century technology, luxury, comfort and outstanding service, as well as seamless interaction with front of house and housekeeping, are the challenges of today’s hotelier,” says Two’s Company. “Technology is important but should not be invasive or difficult to use.

"It should be intelligent and responsive, seamlessly integrated into the room. In addition, the guest requires comfort, elegance and a style that is unique and individual. Our choices to convey this are carefully chosen and researched to create a room with outstanding products and service.”

In the Two’s company set, the en-suite bathroom walls will be formed from Corian®in luxurious Grey Onyx, a highly popular new shade which offers a rich, swirling veined effect, and which will be backlit to make the most of material’s ethereal translucency.The bedside shelves will also be made from Corian®and will feature wireless Corian®Charging Surface technology, which enables smart devices to be powered up directly through the table top.

En-suite bathroom walls in luxurious Corian® Grey Onyx Bedside shelves Corian® with wireless Corian® Charging Surface

Eat Sets by ECHO Architecture at Sleep+Eat:

In addition to the perennial and ever-popular Sleep Sets, Sleep + Eat is this year sees the debut of the Eat Sets – a collection of concept rooms based on restaurant and bar spaces. Three UK-based design firms are creating interactive installations that will challenge and subvert visitors’ expectations.

ECHO Architecture has chosen Corian®to help transport visitors to a Cornish seaside restaurant. Eugene Sellors, Director Head of Design at ECHO Architecture says, “Dining is all about responses. We don’t just experience the food, service and table settings, our memories are made up of a collection of emotions, created by a dialogue between the senses and the connections we feel.

"This is what we want to deliver in our Eat Set. Ours is a multi-sensory concept that uses state-of-the-art technology alongside sensitive design, intelligent lighting, 3D sound-scaping and emotive food samples to create individual experiences unique to each guest and time of day.” Corian®will be applied to various surfaces within this seaside restaurant set."

Corian®is distributed in the UK and Ireland exclusively by CD (UK) Ltd.

For enquiries about Corian®: T: 0800 962 116 E: or visit

Pictured - L-R: Corian®table-tops reflect projections at Inamo restaurant, Soho; Corian® forms a Seafood ‘boat’ at Scott’s of Mayfair; Hotel reception desk in Weathered; Corian®‘spa’ in Ash Concrete; En-suite bathroom walls in luxurious Corian® Grey Onyx