JUNG believes that the best way to provide a home-from-home experience for hotel guests is through a well-designed space, with intuitive smart technology.

For JUNG, these are crucial questions in the development of its modern hospitality solutions. The same is true for aspects of profitability and energy efficiency that are particularly relevant for hotel operators. The result – comfortable control of lighting, temperature and shutters and music in every room, intelligent security systems or smart control of all multimedia systems via touchscreen.

JUNG provides superb comfort with timeless design, combined with future-proof and cutting-edge building technology for efficient workflows and conservation of resources.

The communication functionality of the JUNG Smart Hotel Guest Room Management is, for example, expressed in the application of the Corridor Unit and the Room Unit, which facilitate communication between staff and guests.

In addition to a plastic version, the Corridor Unit is also available with a glass cover. The intelligent hotel card switch with RFID reader in the JUNG design uses Visionline software by Assa Abloy Hospitality.

Colour-coded feedback LEDs allow customised light colours. Furthermore, the system can store guest profiles: the guest card will, for example, start up the guest’s preferred lighting and air conditioning settings, while the staff card will only switch on the basic lighting needed for cleaning.

Both the conventional and KNX versions of the FanCoil temperature control provide optimal temperature in hotel rooms. The switch design features an impressive, high-end, glass finish. With clear displays in four different modes and distinct symbols, guests will find it easy to adjust the climate for optimal personal wellbeing. The Eco mode supports sustainability: in sleep mode, room lighting will automatically be dimmed.

The innovative Plug & Light system revolutionises interior lighting, and it also does so in the hospitality industry: the Plug & Light socket by Insta offers functional reliability and safety in lighting design.

The system matches the JUNG switch design and works with all commercially available European switch boxes. Exchanging Plug & Light luminaires is easy and possible at any time. The matching luminaires are docked to the socket via a magnet. Rotated to the right position, a wall-mounted spotlight illuminating the ceiling of a hotel room can be transformed into a comfortable night-time reading lamp.

True to the motto ‘progress as tradition’, the JUNG VR hotel room provides a virtual experience as well as descriptions of comfortable and efficient hospitality solutions. Drop by and see for yourself.