Acclaimed British sculptural lighting company, Cameron Design House, will unveil its latest design, Inari, during the London Design Festival and Decorex International this autumn.

The Inari chandelier is Creative Director Ian Cameron’s latest breathtaking creation. Inspired by Lake Inari in Finland, the unique and awe-inspiring chandelier furthers the brands organic exploration of light fluidity and entwined design.

Each piece is hand formed by Cameron Design House artisans to create one continuous cursive piece to the required size. Due to the flowing sculptural nature of the chandelier, each design is made bespoke for a completely one-of-a-kind piece.

“The Inari is an incredibly special piece to me, due to its distinctive sculptural nature and the intricate craftsmanship used to bring the piece to life,” explains Ian Cameron.

“Each piece is created by hand in our St John’s Wood workshops specifically for each project and no two pieces are ever alike. The Inari chandelier is designed to complement the architecture of a space and create a seamless, uninterrupted flow of light for a breathtaking experience from every angle.”