SmartKnit towels are the latest launch from BC SoftWear and complete the eco range called SmartSoft.

SmartKnit towels have been inspired by the extensive energy saving benefits experienced by customers of the existing SupremeSoft robes and Spa linen. SmartKnit is the natural extension to complete the collection, specially designed for the hotel market which offers increased levels of eco energy savings for hotel and laundry customers alike.

SmartKnit towels offer a sustainable solution for hotels looking find ways to enhance their corporate social responsibility for sustainable products and by helping to reduce their energy costs. This is a brand-new collection of Energy Efficient Towels, with a unique knitted construction that makes them snag free and long lasting. A traditional towel is made with a loop which can pull or tear over time. SmartKnit towels have a knitted construction, which in simple terms means that the base of the loop is knotted, so that no matter how forcefully the pile and loops are pulled it will not snag. This is a huge benefit for a towel that will be expected to perform for several hundred washes in a commercial environment. 

The SmartKnit towels are made with a low % of polyester and so they dry so much faster than traditional towels and can significantly reduce energy bills, especially when laundered with the Supreme Soft Bathrobes that can save 70% in energy consumption. This is a huge benefit to anyone looking to conserve costs but also being mindful of sustainability and saving the planet - a win, win for all.

SmartKnit towels keep their fresh new feel because they are knitted not woven - that means the towel simply doesn’t snag or pull like a traditional towel - so they keep looking new for longer than a traditional towel, in a commercial environment.

SmartKnit Towels - the facts

Significant Energy saving compared with a traditional towel with reduced drying times.

65 % reduction of absorbency in oil than traditional towelling – Especially useful for salons and spas using treatment oils

Reduction in water consumption

Long lasting - the knitted weave of this towel means that it will not pull or tear

450 & 550 gsm weights

Colours: White, Pebble Slate Grey.

For detailed advice on Thermal Disinfection  - see link

Sizes: Hand Towel (50 x 90 cm) , Bath Towel (70 x 130 cm),  Bath Sheet (100 x 150cm)

Reduce your carbon footprint: Helping your operation meet your energy reduction targets * (*The Paris Agreement, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC April 2016).

The entire SmartSoft collection is 100% Guaranteed for the claims of sustainability and energy savings which can be verified by the independent reports provided by the Laundry and Technology Centre (LTC).