When Hospitality Interiors’ editorial director Can Faik heard that bespoke lighting manufacturer Dernier & Hamlyn had moved to new premises, which offers a studio facility for designers to share their bespoke lighting ideas and aspirations with the team, which can subsequently work out how to make their concepts into reality, he was keen to find out more.

“We ventured the half hour by train from central London to Chessington where they are now based,” says Can, “to see how they have fared during the past year and what their plans are for the future. 

“Based on an unremarkable business park 10 minutes from the M25, they are highly accessible, which was an essential consideration when selecting the new venue. As for the hospitality industry generally, their suppliers have had time to take stock and look at different ways of operating.”

Director Michael Mulhall comments: “Last year we talked to customers to find out what they liked about working with Dernier & Hamlyn, and what they would like to see improved. This has informed developments, so our team will continue to produce what is arguably the highest-quality bespoke lighting in the UK. And this will be enriched with the use of appropriate technology and staff training to achieve more efficient delivery and response to clients’ requirements.”

Can enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces who had worked for Dernier & Hamlyn under its previous ownership, alongside some new recruits.

Head of design Mark Harper, who has worked with the brand for over a quarter of a century, comments: “We are keen to make the manufacture of bespoke lighting that ticks all the boxes for the designers we work with and their clients a much more collaborative process. Balancing aesthetics with lighting that illuminates appropriately and will stand the test of time can be a challenge – but if all of the people involved in getting this right are participating from the outset, the whole process is a lot more straightforward.”

It will be interesting to see how designers engage with this new way of working and what innovation in bespoke lighting it helps them to achieve, concludes Can.