Fireborn is a design concept by LASVIT’s Jana Růžičková. It centres on the idea that all glass is born of the four elements of fire, water, earth and air, but fire makes their fusion possible. 

“Fireborn is an ode to the poetics and raw beauty of glass craftsmanship,” comments Jana. “We draw from the aesthetic of Bohemian glasswork, with all its geometrical irregularities, its glass shards, its tumult, its hot air and heaving bodies, and transpose this unique atmosphere into some of the most elevated interiors in the world.” 

The glass consists of huge, hand-stamped strips of high-quality optical glass, each an original. The edges are hand-sanded, dulled and then polished. The glass can be clear, or have a light smoke or light amber finish.

LASVIT has created variations where this base is plated with different semi-transparent coatings on one side. Because each component is different and differently oriented to the construction, the layer appears differently from contrasting perspectives.