The concept for The Paradise Now in Düsseldorf was developed with the aim of understanding and meeting human needs and creating an escape from the everyday. Düsseldorf restaurateur, Walid El Sheikh, joined forces with Moritz von Schrötter and Charles Bals from design agency, Parasol Island, to bring the new and versatile mix of restaurant, bar, bistro and club to life.

The absolute centrepiece and highlight – in the truest sense of the word – of the bar is its spectacular custom-made counter, which measures an impressive 16m long. HIMACS solid surface material in the colour Arctic White was used for the worksurface at the back of the counter, while Ispani from the LX Hausys Marmo collection was used for the visible part of the countertop, and the front and side elements of this unique counter.

The designers took full advantage of the one-of-a-kind visual properties of the solid surface material, which align perfectly with the current trend of a high-quality marble aesthetic. When the bar is lit up in the evening, the marbling of the solid surface material shines through even more. Stylish wall panels, also in backlit HIMACS, with inset elements at different depths, cover 10m of the back wall behind the bar.

The exceptional properties of HIMACS make it ideally suited for use in high-traffic areas like restaurants and bars. It is hygienic, easy to clean, durable, and very stain resistant.

Guests who decide to move to the club area after a relaxing start to the evening in the bar or restaurant find the solid surface material there as well – the DJ stand is elegantly and discreetly formed from black HIMACS.


  • Project: The Paradise Now, Düsseldorf -
  • Design: Moritz von Schrötter, Charles Bals, Walid El Sheikh
  • Fabrication: Schreinerei Karl Heller GmbH -
  • Material: HIMACS “Ispani”, “Arctic White” and “Black” -
  • Material Supplier: Becher GmbH & Co. KG -
  • HIMACS elements: counter and backlit wall cladding in bar area, surface of DJ stand in club area