The new GOMMAIRE Organic Living collection reflects cosiness and comfort. Inspired by a homely atmosphere that exudes a sense of security, soft shapes in teak and powder colour green glass, a new colour in glassware, predominate. GOMMAIRE trvelled to Portugal, as the guest of their foreign partners, as well as capturing images at home to complete the new collection.

GOMMAIRE - Organic living brings a timeless and sustainable collection that is granted a long life. 

For the expansion of the indoor collection, the emphasis is on creating cosiness and decoratively enhancing any indoor space. In the first instance, GOMMAIRE achieves this with new plaids and matching cushions for a warm and homely feeling. In addition, three-seater Sofa Neil, Carpet Nora and Carpet Lina have been added to the indoor collection. Chair Carol completes the current Carol collection with a variant in natural grey for outside and anthracite for inside.

With Table Abe and Low Table Carlo, GOMMAIRE is responding to the increased demand for wider tables, creating room for relaxed dining, foodsharing and enjoying each other's company. Armchair Carlo and Armchair Sally form a beautiful whole with Table Abe, while Easy Chair Carlo in turn complements Low Table Carlo perfectly.

The textile collection has been expanded with a whole series of new fabrics which remain true to GOMMAIRE's values of quality and sustainability. The fabrics are designed in-house in collaboration with weaving mills in Belgium, which makes the fabrics unique.

Chenille was added to the outdoor fabric collection, a hardwearing and stylish fabric that effortlessly brings the indoor feeling outside. 

Many of the outdoor items made from CL-rattan - a thicker and wider wicker - were previously a semi-outdoor collection and had to be stored away in winter for longer. GOMMAIRE now uses wickerwork with a sturdy and durable material that creates the same look and feel. The innovative choice of materials and use of wickerwork technique makes the collection more weather-resistant.

The glassware collection also received a beautiful addition thanks to a new technique. Powdercolor green glass completes the current glassware with its dark green hue. Vase Gabriel and Vase Lies get a dusty look that is obtained by adding the powder while the glass is still warm.