“The Circle” at Zurich Airport has been one of the most talked about Swiss properties in recent years. Laufen was responsible for most of the bathroom fittings across the two Hyatt hotels’ 550 bathrooms, as well as the public sanitary facilities in the Convention Centre.

The design, by internationally renowned Japanese architect Riken Yamamoto, includes a light-flooded, partially cantilevered façade that completely encloses the foot of the Butzenbüelring. Behind this façade, various cubic structures made of glass are arranged towards the hill. The result is the impression of a small-scale, quality city centre, where the upper storeys offer a view upwards to the sky and all public areas are designed to give the impression of being outdoors. 

Installed across the extensive site, Laufen was able to support the design with a smart combination of standard products: Laufen Riva shower toilets, Kartell; Laufen rimless toilets and washbasins; Lema and Caprino urinals; freestanding Val bathtubs and Laufen faucets, as well as several Laufen BESPOKE items.

Within the International standard, markings are required on the faucets which help the user to understand the controls in accordance with the guidelines of the Hyatt Group, as well as a PVD Inox finish for the faucets at the Hyatt Regency, which were realised through the Laufen BESPOKE team.