Celebrity Beyond’s Grand Plaza, designed by Jouin Manku, anchors the public spaces, and the space is in turn anchored by a soaring chandelier, manufactured and installed by Kalmar Lighting. 

Paris-based design firm, Jouin Manku, was commissioned to design the main high-traffic public areas, including the Grand Plaza, and the team answered the brief by bringing the central piazza to life through transformational lighting design. Guests are drawn to the space by the chandelier, a striking lighting feature – and art installation – which rises over the Martini Bar to the ceiling three decks above. 

By day it is dormant, a striking sculpture that takes on some of the reflections of the natural daylight, but then as the sun goes down, it begins to glow a warm orange, illuminating the space. Later still, it starts to pulse, dancing and entertaining into the night – a beating heart. 

The chandelier on The Beyond was also delivered and installed by the engineering expertise of Kalmar Lighting. Composed of multiple levels, with over 700 glass blades, of varying lengths, and illuminated by 170,000 dynamic LED sources, the entire structure weighs over seven tonnes. 

“Kalmar Lighting is truly honoured to have been appointed again to manufacture and install this third, even more spectacular, version of the Grand Plaza chandelier – a piece that has proven so central to the design vision of Jouin Manku, for this series of ships, and central to the transformative design ambitions of Celebrity,” comments August Calice, MD of Kalmar Lighting.