Case Study: The Waldorf Hilton, London

Blending Edwardian grandeur with modern comfort, The Waldorf Hilton sits in the centre of London’s glitzy theatre district.

Leaflike provide sustainable interior and exterior planting, biophilic design and maintenance for this prestigious venue.

Let us take you on a journey through The Waldorf Hilton, showcasing sustainable biophilic design in every corner.

This venue presents the best of sustainable biophilic design as a continuous narrative flowing throughout the venue, from delicate table centres to large palm trees, The Waldorf Hilton has it all.

Biophilic Highlights

As you approach the venue, you are greeted with the infamous topiary top hats at the entrance, showcasing the traditional picture of the doorman ready to welcome you. A series of external planting, design topiary plants and colour coded planters line the outside of the venue complementing the seating area.

Gliding through the lobby area you are welcomed by the grand piano decorated with seasonal colours, preserved and lifelike flowers showcasing an array of floral elements within the biophilic design.

the left there are preserved rose petals presented as table centres in a small glass bowl. Moving along to Hope and Glory, serving the finest of tea, Leaflike exhibit a continuation of preserved yellow rose petals on the tables and a fresh floral arrangement on the serving counter in a display of purple shades, seamlessly matching the biophilic journey throughout the hotel.

Hope and Glory also display floor standing live plants in sustainable wooden planters to compliment the brand.

Furthermore, as we venture back into the bar area, we are presented with the eye catching yet delicate purple table centres, fresh flowers welcoming guests to a harmonised natural environment, perfecting the interior decor.

Finally, introducing palm court, we present to you the stunning preserved palm trees, displayed as a key feature of the room and the venue itself. These palm trees are a showstopper for the room, its what guest expect to see, they undoubtedly enhance the guest experience.

Complementing the palm trees are floor standing sustainable planters with glorious green live plants.

Not forgetting the fabulous floral arrangement in the centre of the room, on a pedestal for all to see, the beautiful purple flowers, preserved and lifelike in a sustainable vase complement the traditional and modern elements of the venue.

Sustainability Spotlight

The Waldorf Hilton have a selection of sustainable planting, including planters made from wood chip, eco-friendly forest residue such as dry leaves, twigs and bark, they are biodegradable and recyclable.

Preserved Everleaf floral arrangements are popular for a seasonal change because they last three months and the colours remain vibrant.

Leaflike have a selection of vases to choose from when creating floral arrangements, we do not always buy in new as this supports circular economy, being able to reuse planters and vases is the right thing to do.

In addition to the preserved palm trees in palm court, this venue has lifelike exterior planting, which does not require regular maintenance and provides a more sustainable option.

“It is a delight working with Guy Hilton, we have been able to support him for many years and I am looking forward to working together on further developments at The Waldorf in the future. A loyal customer, whereby we can work on the solutions required to suit the venue. Guy is very knowledgeable about sustainability and so we are very happy to support this.” Stephen Abernethie, Managing Director, Leaflike.