“Art speaks to us in a language of its own. Like music, it’s a language that every human on earth can understand. Its message is personal to the artist, but also to each of us who sees it. In art, we may hear a poem or a song, discover an unfamiliar narrative or perspective on life. It can take us in a new direction of travel.”

In her work, contemporary artist Ann Generlich explores the transformative potential of art in awakening our consciences.

From chaos to harmony, from discord to balance, her new Symphony collection is not constrained by two-dimensional limitation. This becomes apparent when you freely explore the layers, structure and perspective changes found within Ann’s work. Her ability to fuse dynamic lines with visual melodies, creates the perfect symphony for your space. It comes as no surprise that private collectors, luxury hotels and interior designers select her work to provide guests with a unique experience that truly enhances their stay.

Each artwork imbues a feeling of tranquillity in the mind of the viewer. It interacts directly, transports them to an inner space of reflection and contemplation. Guests are able to engage with the imagery, uncovering more depths to the story on each return visit.

Unlike commercially produced feature walls and installations, Ann creates single one-off pieces that deliver statement, drama and intrigue. Individual and unique, designed specifically for you or selected from her collection, her work provides visual impact and creates a focal point that turns a simple space into an absorbing experience. Ann and her team work closely with their clients to ensure the process of each art commission is timely, to scale, straightforward and fully project managed. 

If you are planning your next project and want to create not just a first impression, but a lasting one, get in touch.