Focus SB, a leading international premium electrical accessories brand, presents its debut collection of innovative traditional style control switches, featuring low voltage and LED technology.

Developed to meet demand from hospitality design consultants, the elegant push-button  control switches by Focus SB  can be configured in a variety of ways to suit required functions, whether programmed for lighting and shading controls, or used with inline dimming packs. The control switches can be finished to match across one of the widest ranges of specialist hospitality electrical wiring accessories available in the luxury construction markets in the UK, China, and the Middle East today.

Designed with enough space for several switches on one faceplate, the ‘Control switches by Focus SB’ collection offers a proprietary system interface solution with a traditional aesthetic. Compatible with inline dimmers, lighting controls, and smart automation, with the advantage of providing a low voltage option available in component form and LED indicator switch options, Focus SB’s control switches offer flexibility and style for multi-function programming including audio, selection of lighting scenes, turning lights on and off when entering or leaving a room, raising or dimming lights, and opening and closing blinds, curtains, and shutters.

Control switches by Focus SB are available as complete products, or in button, grid, and plate component form. Options include LED switch functionality and custom text via the company’s in-house  bespoke laser marking service , allowing designers to choose up to four circular or square buttons on a single plate, and a maximum of eight buttons on twin vertical or horizontal plates, offering a simple-to-use smart solution with the convenience of configuration flexibility paired with a superior finish.

Showcasing unparalleled craftsmanship, Focus SB’s modern control switches are manufactured from high-quality metal base materials, and offer the same functionality solutions as the company’s innovative  retractive (momentary action) switches. The control switches can be finished to match Focus SB’s 32amp key card entry switches and hotel bedhead panels, enabling designers to complement interior fixtures and fittings throughout guest suites.

This latest collection from Focus SB features smaller terminals better suited to low voltage control cables, with programmable LED indicator options in red, green, and blue that work independently from the switches, and a voltage (V) terminal to enable selection of the system voltage with OFF (20-48V) and ON (5-20V).

Unique to the  Focus SB  luxury brand, every component is manufactured, tested, finished, and hand-assembled in-house by the company’s experienced engineers and artisans in East Sussex, UK.