Northern Lights has been transforming spaces through bespoke luxury lighting for 35 years. Its unique blend of engineering excellence, luxury materials and finishes, and exquisite artisan techniques has established the company as a leading UK manufacturer of bespoke luxury lighting.

The company’s master artisans work with a variety of luxury raw materials and have decades of experience in metal fabrication, glass techniques and custom finishes. Housing both design and manufacturing under one roof in the company’s 38,000ft2 facility allows for full end-to-end control of the process, from conception through to delivery.

Working with the industry’s elite, Northern Lights has developed impressive and often highly complex lighting installations for high-profile projects and luxury brands.

Chateau Denmark

London-based design firm Taylor Howes appointed Northern Lights to bring to life its creative visions for Chateau Denmark. The firm’s unique design intent is best described as a symbolic journey through Denmark Street's prolific days. Vintage Gothic captures a particular charm and presents dramatic intrigue, while Timeless Grandeur offers an opulent and indulgent Victorian-era aesthetic, and Modern Psychedelia brings 60s and 70s London to life through texture, finishes and striking palettes.

To realise Taylor Howes' exceptional vision for the luxury destination, the design team at Northern Lights conceptualised a collection of bespoke industrial and decorative lighting to perfectly complement the Vintage Gothic aesthetic. The specific colour palettes in each room required bold lighting designs to cut through the darkness and highlight some of the outlandish and striking decors on show.

Northern Lights’ design team and master artisans were involved at every stage to advise on the best materials, techniques and processes to achieve the required results. Once solutions and options were discussed and approved, technical drawings were created, with detailed information for each process required. This is often the most challenging aspect, and Northern Lights worked closely with its skilled fabricators, finishers and wiring teams to ensure the perfect combinations were used.

Townhouse Apartments

The Townhouse Apartments incorporate show-stopping, Victorian-inspired baths to complement the immersive cherry-red backdrop of the interior, all haloed by light brass and glass industrial pendants. The toughened glass 'shard' panels are delicately finished with a smoke colouration that diffuses the light to retain the darkly vibrant atmosphere. Laser-cut 'meat hooks' secure the brass chain links draped between the pendants.

Flitcroft Apartments

The Flitcroft Apartments feature elaborate Willis & Gambier four-poster beds with intricate hand carvings and dark wood panelling. Detailed wall sconces illuminate either side, evoking an industrial aesthetic through skilful ageing of the metal. The Old English brass finish highlights every intricacy of the hand-modelled, wing-shaped casting. The Victorian-inspired fixture is held in place by a cast-brass wall plate that blends beautifully with the dark walnut panelling behind.

Superior Session Rooms

Located either side of the beds in the Superior Session Rooms are industrial blackened steel pipework wall sconces, fitted with decorative stop taps for true authenticity. An exposed filament bulb provides a bright aura that shines warmly against the dark walnut panelling.