When undertaking a new project or refurbishment, decisions regarding the installation of the bathrooms are often based on aesthetics. Modern design is deeply rooted in Duravit’s DNA enabling them to offer a wide range of design variants for differing styles and holistic bathroom design.

Alongside design, elements such as durability and the economical usage of water and energy are now becoming more important than ever before. When selecting taps Duravit offer energy-saving washbasin taps with a FreshStart function, that only produce cold water; the hot water is only added when the handle is deliberately moved to the left. This lowers energy costs and CO2 emissions as hot water is only used when it is needed.

Duravit offers single-lever mixers in a range of sizes (S–XL) with an optimum height for all washbasins, from handrinse basins through washbowls. As a complete bathroom supplier, Duravit aspires to offer something for every part of the bathroom: from the washbasin through the shower and bathtub, as surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions.

With a flow rate of 5.5 l/minute, all Duravit washbasin taps are sparing in their consumption of hot water and energy. The MinusFlow taps are more sparing still, with a flow rate limited to 3.5 l/minute. The AirPlus technology additionally adds air to the water jet, creating a gentle, voluminous stream.

There are also enormous potential savings for water and energy especially when it comes to showering: Compared to standard showers, Duravit MinusFlow hand showers have a reduced flow rate of up to 40%, rising to as much as 60% on the showerheads (MinusFlow showerheads = 9 L/minute, standard hand showers 15 l/minute, standard showerheads 25 l/minute).