As we have grown into a global company, we have needed to develop ways of keeping our values alive.

We are a third generation furniture company, we manufacture in Istanbul and we have a heritage going back to serving the Ottoman Imperial family.

We believe in creating a family vibe in the business, we are lead by young ambitious employees and we want to become a partner in every project we take part in...

How we keep all elements together at the same time as delivering results in America, the UK, Europe and the Middle East, is a question that keeps our directors excited and ready to take on the next challenge every day.

Within the last 10 years, Parla has really spread its wings from a company producing furniture for all levels of projects in Turkey, some in Eurasia and the Middle East, to a brand that is recognised as one of the ‘go to’ choices for high end luxury hospitality projects all over the world.

This was accomplished implement an approach that employs and nurtures a team of young creative minds, who have had training in a design field, alongside craftsmen who have been continuing their forefathers’ line of work for generations, that are then lead by more seasoned business managers who have the vision to create a reliable high quality offer to clients.

What are the main challenges we face when achieving a seamless service?

- We want to feel present and part of projects, as if we are based next door to our client
- We have to deliver products that are fitting within the standards and expectations of each region
- We need to coordinate operations very skilfully in each region we deliver a project

So what do we do?

We really do get stuck in, making sure we are involved in all aspects of a project from the initial philosophy to the ‘handing of the keys’. From the project manager, to the designer and to the project assistants, everyone obsesses over the details and the ins and outs of the project with excitement + wonder. In addition, we have found it important to also set up teams in each area we are doing a project, so that we have a strong network of local teams and suppliers who can help us deliver what we envision.

We thrive on research and development; not only do the designers want to find the best way to bring the client’s dream alive, but the crafts people in the factory are also enthused to see how they can fuse their skills with the latest experimentation in ideas for fixed and fitted furniture.

We believe that good communication and building dependable networks are the two pillars of business. So we set up respectable working relationships with employees and partners who will deliver the results we aim to achieve.

And, ‘the proof is in the pudding’! Some of our latest high profile projects include:

Swissotel - Jeddah
Crowne Plaza - Jeddah
Beef Bar - Doha
Roka - Istanbul Galataport
Four Seasons - Istanbul Sultanahmet Fredericks Restaurant & Bar – Berlin Hotel Amano Covent Garden - London Nusret - London
Amrit Ocean Wellness - Miami Mandarin Oriental – Beverly Hills

We have found that as our company has elevated to delivering projects for 4/5 Star Hotels and Fine Dining, the production in our 15000 square metre factory and resulting products have become much more sophisticated. This ends up being a huge benefit to us, as it has allowed us to become a competitive player in the market of the delivery of very high end quality craftsmanship on mass scale.

Within the day to day, the growth we have achieved at Parla in the last 10 years has positively influenced many in the company; while challenges are consistently there, the buzz of being in the thick of it and being part of developing the brand has been exhilarating. As, Deniz Albayrak, Senior Project Manager in the UK, says “I have been with Parla for over 10 years; starting off as a new graduate, I was taken under the wings of the company and its family culture. I really savour what Parla stands for; it allows you to find your voice, listening to you, taking your lead, but guiding you at the same time. As well as that, the honour of working with internationally renowned architects and designers means that we are all learning from the very best every day, being inspired by their minds, and illuminated by how they are setting the latest trends in hospitality interiors”.

Gaining the trust of clients and growing the business to a factory of around 400 content employees was no easy feat; we are proud of our achievements and thankful to each and every member of staff who pushes us that extra mile to become more than we were yesterday.

Having developed this very strong and skilled in house team who love to experiment, learn and work materials we are able to not only offer bespoke projects design and production of furniture, but also beautiful pieces from our own collections. Our skills and facilities have become more and more refined with each geography and each sector we have worked in; consequently, the factory is able to craft items that are tolerant to the elements, robust and resilient.

In the midst of all the developments and projects we are working on, it has been crucial to take part in international shows; not only to highlight our presence but to also take a breather, celebrate and display our latest achievements, whether a project or a collection of furniture. We have realised that enjoying being part of an industry that is creative, industrious, and forward thinking is crucial to our wellbeing and sense of fulfilment.

So what have we in store for the next 10 years? Well, shall be deepening our knowledge of working within and stabilising services in all regions. While we are doing that we will continue to strengthen our ethos in each local environment, increase the number of projects in all regions, and deliver projects in the new sectors we are dipping our toes in, such as Offices and Cruise Ships.