are known for creating stunning eco-friendly sanitaryware and shower trays are a key part of this. Their most recent introduction, the Superplan Zero is a totally flat to the floor shower surface; with zero steps, zero edges, and zero compromises; making it ideal for bathrooms in both the hotel and hospitality sector as well as for homebuilders. Developed by the award-winning product designer Werner Aisslinger the Superplan Zero with its luxurious steel enamel base is durable and 100% recyclable, upholding Kaldewei’s green credentials.

Hoteliers, developers, project manager and specifiers alike are looking for options that encompass a wide variety of needs. Flat to floor shower surfaces are ideal for multi-generational families and especially for barrier-free bathrooms. With a product such as the Cayonoplan Mulitspace shower surface up to 60 percent of the floor-level shower can be incorporated into the movement area of the bathroom, and because of the Kaldewei steel enamel used in its manufacture it continues remain in pristine condition however many times it is used.

Kaldewei are now manufacturing their excellent sanitaryware using Bluemint steel, reducing their carbon output by 70 percent whist producing their luxurious, sustainable bathroom solutions - coining the term Luxstainable®