London-based design consultancy, Grapes Design, specialises in commercial interior design and architecture. The firm has recently added the dramatic Bittersweet cocktail bar and members club in Soho to its comprehensive design portfolio.

With a somewhat glamorous past, Bittersweet was formerly the infamous Pinstripe Club – a venue that played host to Oliver Reed, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. The club was also the setting which saw former Secretary of State for War, John Profumo, meet former model Christine Keeler – sparking the Profumo Affair that led to political scandal and the subsequent closure of the establishment.

“We set ourselves the objective to put back the former soul of the venue to enrich the experience when visiting such a unique environment,” Darren Grapes, owner of Grapes Design, explains. “Exquisite detail, stylised materials and bespoke textures create the illusion of an exclusive member club.”

Visitors are greeted by a vaulted entrance, which features rustic metallic tiling, copper light fittings and a striking bonze sculptured vault decorated with LED lighting. Urbanistic in style, the entrance frames the final threshold to the main lounge space.

Aluminum laser cut screens define the lounge and the main bar area. An illuminated bar with a glass tiered bottle display is unique in design, as each bottle is placed on an individual light source – casting an effect onto the curved polished plaster lining the vaulted ceiling.

A bespoke illuminated artwork forms the main focal point, which is reflected in the polished porcelain tiles. Two arched entrances lead into chic private vaults, each with its own exclusive furniture and intimate lighting.