Situated in London’s Exmouth Market, Italian eaterie, Paesan, is the first solo venture from Antony Brown (Pasta Brown, Covent Garden).

In line with the eaterie’s focus on cucina povera – the Italian tradition of using simple ingredients to prepare honest and flavoursome food – Antony worked with leading restaurant interior designers, B3 Designers, to create a raw, rustic and contemporary feel for Paesan.

Meaning ‘peasant’ in Italian, Paesan celebrates the good, healthy food that many consider to have originated with those working the land in Italy’s countryside.

This wholesome menu formed the central inspiration for the eaterie’s ambiance and interior design. The space features a 100m² dining area, steeped in cost-effective, honest, raw materials. Seating 60, the ground floor boasts a stylish stripped-back interior which embraces the building’s original features. Exposed brickwork and structural steels are complemented by reclaimed timbers and tiling, completed with antique-style furnishings.

The basement, meanwhile, contains snug seating areas under the cellar arches, alongside a timber-clad bar with salvaged, simple lighting.