Award-winning restaurant interior designer, B3 Designers, has created The Pearson Room, a new restaurant and bar in the heart of Canary Wharf, London. The 600m2 space combines foundry and 1950’s stylised Hitchcock inspiration. With heritage leather seating, a large zinc bar and striking views onto Canada Square, the space offers sophistication together with a fresh and cosy design.

The Sethi family, owners of the award-winning restaurant, Trishna, and consultants for the highly acclaimed Bubbledogs, called upon B3 Designers to design and brand the space which forms part of The Reebok Sports Club, in this prestigious Canary Wharf location. B3 Designers worked with the Sethis and the team at Reebok to create a space that has a reclaimed, vintage feeling which exudes casual luxury, sophistication and warmth.

The restaurant has dark timber flooring and pressed tin ceiling tiles. These are complemented by raw, galvanised steel and exposed industrial light fittings. The centralised pewter bar is surrounded by 18 industrial, foundry-inspired bar stools with antique leather upholstery.

The rest of the space is devised into semi-private zones – the lounge area with classic, elegant, 1950s-inspired furniture together with large, heritage leather armchairs; the dining areas are made up of wooden tables aligned with classic bentwood chairs  and statement, vintage lampshades complemented by warm accent lighting.

“The big challenge of the space is the massive glass facade, supported by structural steels. This is, of course, also a great draw of the space with views onto Canada Square,” says Mark Bithrey, owner and founder of B3 Designers.

“Our approach was to create a warm and cosy space through use of lighting and materials. This approach also formed a nice contrast to many current offers in the Canary Wharf area, which are very slick and polished. We wanted to create a space that was premium yet still intimate and accessible.”