Amsterdam-based design studio, concrete, has worked with the supperclub brand extensively on projects all over the world – from London and Rome to Los Angeles and Singapore. Dubai is the latest location to be added to the portfolio, and one that reflects the striking supperclub aesthetic and the distinctive Dubai lifestyle.

One of the key design inspirations was to create a blend of a typical supperclub and the characteristic lifestyle of Dubai. supperclub reacts to the superlatives that Dubai represents, providing an optimally luxurious experience combined with typical Arab influences – merging food, entertainment, music and design in one striking venue.

The terrace features an eye-catching supperclub sign, which at 15 x 2.5m is sure to attract the attention of passers-by. Visitors are then greeted by a brass gate with name tags of all regular guests at the entrance. The neutral environment – similar to a white canvas – undergoes successive transformations into a cafe, restaurant, bar, theatre and club.

Each room at supperclub has its own distinct identity. La Salle Neige offers a curtain that can be lowered and used to display projections and create an intimate space. Le Bar Rouge features a light object with the letters BAR measuring 8 x 5m, which is suspended from the ceiling.

Unique for Dubai, the Salle d’Or provides a completely golden VIP area, while the Chef’s table allows guests to eat in the chef’s kitchen. Furthermore, the ladies’ room is decorated as a lounge area with a large vanity table, sofas and cupboards housing large bottles of perfume from a range of major brands.