MEATliquor and interior architect, Shed, have once again joined forces to launch MEATliquor Brighton, Meatailor’s first permanent residence outside of London.

Channelling the energy and aesthetic of Brighton’s fantastical fairgrounds, the garish and sometimes heady glare of the city’s arcades, and the authenticity of its mismatched sea scape, the interior of this 300m² eatery is unabashedly bold.

The building’s dark grey exterior is starkly contrasted with pink ‘liquor’ neons, suspended in windows and framed by caged red, fluorescent strip  lights. Coalescing with the glow of these lights through the tinted glass, illuminated boxed-out lettering in pink and turquoise spell ‘MEAT’ over a porch exploding with colour and unique, fairground-inspired murals.

Patterns are rife throughout the space, the ceilings and walls thickly blanketed in black and white fly posters, surreal leopard print patterns, smiling moons and waltzer-inspired graphics illuminated by hues of red, purple and pink. 

Shed once again commissioned ilovedust – a multi-disciplinary illustration and graphic design studio based on the south coast – to bring the restaurant to life with its fantastical displays and artwork. From the tattooed deep-sea diver displayed across a 3m wide lightbox at the restaurant’s entrance, to the 2m high neon flamingo in the main dining area, the restaurant’s surfaces have been transformed into a dizzying spectacle.

The MEAT streetscape is perhaps the pièce de résistance, however. Running the length of one side of the restaurant, it features partitions of metal mesh, red curtains, and rooms papered in call-card inspired graphics to create a series of bespoke, private booths each with their own distinct style and design. Additional banquette seating, upholstered in bright blue and purple faux leather, surrounds galvanised metal and large round mirrored tables.

“MEATliquor Brighton lives and breathes its sea-side surroundings,” says Shed of the project. “We wanted to ensure we brought every inch of Brighton’s energy into these interiors, right through from the seating, to the tables to the wall designs and light fittings. The restaurant has an exciting edge that we hope will provide a very unique eating experience.”