In the old, historic center of Venice, Italy, overlooking the Cannaregio Canal is an old post office recently renovated into a luxury hotel.

Hotel Carnival Palace is an exclusive 4­-star boutique hotel by architects HCE & Partners, and won the Zimmer + Rohde Interior Contract Award in 2013 for its architectural and interior design.

Luxurious, yet refined, authentic, yet elegant, Hotel Carnival palace and its 67 spacious rooms were renovated in a contemporary style with strong references to the city’s heritage. 

Pergo laminate flooring was one of those choices. Aesthetically-pleasing, strong, wear resistant and in perfect harmony with the rest of the hotel interior.

Two designs were chosen, one light and one dark, to emphasize different moods in the room. The performance class 33 is perfectly suited for environments with high wear and creates an original and natural decor.