Inspired by the cultural and culinary lineage of fire within Caucasus, Blue Sky Hospitality presents the Fireworks Steakhouse at the JW Marriott Absheron in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Tasked with creating a ‘land of fire’, BSH has developed a smouldering scarlet grotto, filled with gleaming metals and burnt earthen hues.

Guarding the entrance of the restaurant is an imposing life-size wild bull statue, cast in darkly glowing molten bronze. In conjunction with the dragon skull casts also posed near the entrance, the beasts gives guests a sense of the powerful design scheme that pervades the interior of the restaurant.

Binaries play an important part in BSH’s vision for the Fireworks eatery – light and dark, the solid and the translucent. Brightly lit windows framed by solid metal separate kitchen and diners. Though the restaurant’s devilishly red theme could lean towards the gothic, gold lighting and bright metals highlight and illuminate the seating areas, kitchen, bar and whisky library.

Bronze and gold tinted metals are a prevalent motif in the design concept, fitting neatly within the greater theme of natural power. Glowing metal bars line the ceiling above the entrance to the restaurant and metal fixtures are used throughout the decor.

Though vast, the interior of the restaurant resembles a cavern, with stalactitial wooden blocks extended across the ceiling. This exclusive piece of conceptual art, Born of Fire, covers most of the ceiling above the dining area. Inspired by the Promethean fire legend, it comprises several hundred walnut bricks. The surface area is split open in the shape of a lightning bolt, revealing a lighting feature, which trickles light in a myriad of red and amber tones throughout service.

Other natural textiles permeate the furnishings of the restaurant, including the stylised glassware, furniture pieces in Caucasian walnut and European oak, leather upholstery, and locally dyed woollen rugs. The natural woods and metals are not only reflective of the geographic surroundings but also the traditional link to fire cooking that runs strongly throughout Azerbaijani culture.