The concept for Le Campus marked a unique collaboration between Hyatt Regency Charles de Gaulle and Virserius Studio. The Hyatt owners and operators wanted something truly different for the hotel using the theme of going back to school, and approached Virserius Studio about designing a unique yet flexible space that could be used for work or social functions.

“Le Campus was always supposed to be a very different working experience, something that will pleasantly surprise those with more traditional notions of a work space, but would also fit right into newer ways of meeting and learning with the new generation,” says studio founder and principal Therese Virserius.

The strength of Virserius Studio is in its ability to create diverse experiences, pulling elements together in a holistic way so that guests and visitors alike would have an energising experience. To achieve that, they were able to push the design envelope while paying close attention to the Hyatt’s needs.

The challenge was to create an optimal environment to boost cohesion, collaboration, and enable idea-sharing and solutions. With inspiration from the American college campus, the design studio created an interactive, cool, and playful space with multiple places to take a seat and email, read, eat or play at leisure. 

The open spaces of Le Campus comprise its core – the social hub and library where people can mingle, brainstorm and otherwise be together. The satellite offices and meeting spaces form the perimeter, but allow easy access back to the sociable core. Artist Le Monstre was brought in to give the space an added edge.

For some, Le Campus may evoke university experiences and for others, the bold colours and textures will offer a welcome change from the more conventional office and meeting spaces.