Built in the 1960’s, Centro Forestal Sueco in Marbella used to be a recreational centre for the Swedish Forest Agency. When Swedish property developer Quartiers Properties bought the premises more than 50 years later, it had definitely seen better days. The property was run down and sadly forsaken, but the new proprietaries saw the potential. 

With the ambition to offer something slightly different to the luxurious Marbella market, hospitality design experts Stylt created a new concept, a brand and interior design to what would become Boho Club - an upscale and stylish retreat, yet bohemian and eclectic in a laid-back style. Being the opposite to impersonal large hotels chains as well as old fashioned luxury, Boho Club is an independent brand that offers an intimate and friendly ambience with the sense of a private members club mentality. This mindset is embodied by Stylt’s design for the luxury boutique resort. Featuring guest rooms, two pools, 19 bungalow suites and a private villa. The resort comprises two restaurants – Boho Restaurant and Bernie’s, each with their own distinct feeling and tone. Both restaurants are run by the acclaimed fine dining chef Diego del Río.

Boho Club brings a new dimension, one that reflects on laid back luxury. As you arrive you will experience an eclectic air, a feeling of excitement. Playful, Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole moments catapult you on arrival from a pink onyx reception desk into a garden that unfurls around a turquoise pool.

The interior design is characterised by great personality and well-matched contrasts. Modernity meets classics in bold and surprising mixes of bamboo and velvet, golden mosaics and traditional rustic tiles, strong colours and soft natural fabrics. Handpicked and sometimes odd furniture, objects and art add a personal fingerprint, far from traditional and often flat Marbella luxury. The brave blend of the bohemian and stylish gives Boho Club its relaxed atmosphere with a big wow-factor. Crowned with a 30.000 sqm. lush garden and hangout areas, this is a well-curated and well-crafted place, yet playful, informal, vibrant and fun.

In the 2019 Outstanding Property Award London (OPAL), Stylt and Boho Club became Platinum winners for best interior design. With 30 years in the business, that makes Stylt one of the world’s most awarded agencies within hospitality design.