The world of hotel room design is evolving at a rapid pace. The needs, wants, and desires of modern travelers are constantly changing. In an effort to satisfy these jet-setters and remain trendy, architects and designers must experiment when considering hotel amenities and guest room design. The focus has shifted from a traditional branded feel of a hotel to embracing more unique and innovative experiences.

Explore a bolder design

There is no room for error in a hotel room. With online reviews and social media at everyone’s fingertips, clients expect the most during their hotel stays or any dissatisfaction will instantly flood the internet. For this reason, architects and designers are making bolder interior decisions to distinguish their guest room designs from competition and make them more appealing to today’s seasoned travellers.

There have been more risks taken to create drama and contrast within the guest room designs. Livelier graphics, higher colour contrast, richer textures and experimental signature furniture pieces all contribute to the guest’s unique personal experience.

Create a hotel getaway

As designers and hoteliers take more risks with colour palettes and furniture selections, the latest design styles now emphasize the contemporary, eclectic and simplistic. Minimising the number of objects in the room makes travellers feel more at ease during their stay. It also allows the hotel to streamline their guest room budget to focus more on signature pieces. The formal desk, for example, is slowly becoming obsolete as we rely more heavily upon mobile hand-held devices.

Local artists are commissioned to create meaningful artwork for each guest room which creates an inviting hotel getaway distinctive of that locale.

Provide a seamless connection

Busy travellers expect a seamless connective experience. Today’s urban adventurers depend on the latest technology and expect a flawless connection at all times. Hotel systems are evolving to allow the guests to reserve their room, check in online, open the door to their reserved room, control the thermostat, order room service, and access the Internet, all from the convenience of their digital device.  The possibilities are endless, and to set themselves apart, hotels want to quickly incorporate the newest thing in digital convenience.

Satisfy the traveller’s hunger

There has been a push to provide even greater food and atmosphere in-house.  In an effort to minimise guests’ reliance on room service, hotels are striving to market themselves through specialty restaurants which attract a more socially-connected millennial generation.

A striking bar or chic restaurant within the hotel creates a distinctive image and differentiates amongst competition. These easily accessible food and beverage offerings embed the hotels into the surrounding neighbourhoods, becoming destinations not just for travellers, but for the local residents of the community.

These are just some of the exciting topics currently trending in 2014. Hotels are only going to become more inventive while still striving to be the home-away-from-home that they need to be. Here’s to what’s ahead!

About the author: Kaitlin Eckenroth is a senior designer of hospitality interiors at BBGM. She received her undergraduate degree in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, and is currently taking classes towards her Masters in Architecture from the Catholic University of America. Kaitlin has been working in hospitality and corporate interiors in the DC area since 2005.