Award-winning Harrison Spinks, one of Great Britain’s most established and innovative bed makers, has launched Harrison Spinks Contracts Division which will use its world-leading spring technology and natural fillings in its new contract range. Here we talk to Stephen Truswell, contract sales director of Harrison Spinks Contracts Division, to find out why these natural beds could transform the future of beds in the hospitality industry.

What makes the Harrison Spinks range so different?
Our new contract bed range is different because we wanted to push the boundaries and go where no other contract bed manufacturer has gone before. Using our unique spring technology, we have created a beautiful bed range with the highest spring counts available to the hospitality market, providing guests with a great night’s sleep night after night.

What’s so different about your pocket springs?
Harrison Spinks prides itself on innovation and over the last ten years has re-invented the way pocket spring mattresses are manufactured by developing new spring technology. The evolution of the company’s spring innovation began with the invention of the Revolution ‘spring within a spring’ pocket system. Continual development of the High Density spring system has meant that the Harrison Spinks business has been able to introduce sustainable natural fibre production as opposed to relying on petro-chemically derived foam and fibre polyester fillings. 

Tell us more about your natural fillings
We believe a good night’s sleep benefits from environmentally sound materials, so we blend all our mattress fillings ourselves from the finest quality natural fibres. We have our own farm in Yorkshire where we grow our own hemp and flax, and have our own flock of sheep for their wool, which is then blended with cotton, fine cashmere and mohair at our Leeds factory. Our sustainable approach to manufacturing allows us not only to work with Natural England to preserve endangered wildlife habitats, but our springs and natural fibres are 100% recyclable at the end of their life.

Why should hoteliers and guests care about the new bed range?
As well as our beds being environmentally friendly, they are great for your guest’s posture and wellbeing too. As sleep quality has grown in the public consciousness as a key measure of health, creativity and productivity, Harrison Spinks has taken note. We recognise that good posture is very important in achieving a good night’s sleep. Firstly, the most advanced and innovative pocket spring technology in the world helps provide perfect posture. Secondly, the 100% natural fillings provide luxurious comfort, whilst delivering excellent temperature regulation, ensuring that our mattresses and divans offer the ultimate sleep experience for your guests.