Wilton Carpets Commercial has become one of the foremost suppliers of carpet for the hospitality industry, with its standard offer and bespoke design service delivering a blend of style, performance and value. Responsible for many of the manufacturer’s striking creations, design manager Julie Robertson explores the latest trends in carpet for the sector ...

Seen in fabulous architectural statements such as the Gherkin and Wembley Stadium, the diamond continues to spread across an abundance of surfaces, the simple, geometric shape creating a dazzling effect when used in repeat pattern and working well at any size.

Adorning an array of fashion and interior fabrics, household products, technology, wallpaper as well as structured wall finishes – used as flat design or dimensional wall sculpture and now fixing its sights on carpets and rugs – the diamond is demonstrating its versatility with incredible prowess. The shape is such a familiar and instantly recognisable one that it works beautifully across a myriad of scales.

In carpet, diamonds deliver in an elegant outline or a full-on shaded 3D effect, working in monotone accents or multi-coloured harlequin effects with stunning results. Multiple layers and depth effects add another dimension, drawing inspiration from interlocking lattice crystal formations. Crossing timescales from Art Deco elegance to modern minimalism with a deftness that is both effortless and mesmerising, the diamond is a wonderful graphic quality set to remain in vogue for the foreseeable future.

In the harlequin design shown, the intersect of the diamond creates a prism, the symmetrical pattern of the repeat providing the perfect way of presenting colour change across the floor plan –- with cooler blue, green and yellow tones graduating through to warm red and gold hues.

As the song title goes, ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, and in carpet designed for the hospitality sector there is no truer statement.