International board manufacturer, Finsa, has created a wide-ranging collection of surfaces for 2013 and beyond. The latest Trendbook from Finsa sets out innovative new textures, patterns and colours for melamine, veneered and laminate board surfaces.

Finsa's new trends have been carefully grouped into four categories: Industrial and Raw, Hidden Luxury, Green Being and Vintage Attitude. The trend groups aim to give designers, architects and manufacturers an unparalleled range of inspiration and open up new design horizons.

Industrial and Raw is ideal for the burgeoning commercial interiors sector, and emphasises radical and provocative designs inspired by materials that have been rough cut in their raw state and abraded – like cement, metal and sawn timber. Six original and distinctive surfaces convey ideas of controlled chaos, industrial, urban and raw materials.

The six surfaces in the Hidden Luxury group are equally applicable to the commercial sector, but opt for a more gracious line reflecting key words such as discreet, simple lines, cosmopolitan and individualism. The designs reflect a more sophisticated origin, taking their inspiration from materials that have elegance, featuring high-gloss or metallic effects, and are more classic and subtle.

Green Being feature colours and patterns for a strong trend that highlights the environmentally-friendly and sustainable requirements of healthy living, balance, wellbeing and common sense. Inspiration comes from natural materials, light woods and textiles. Colours are fresh, warm, soft and inviting.

Vintage Attitude surfaces draw on the past to create nostalgia, and reflect heritage and craftsmanship with a hint of retro. There are eight surfaces available, which range from subtle woodgrains to bright statement solid colours.

All of the Finsa designs and surfaces are laminated to its innovative Superpan board, which has a central chipboard core with MDF-like surfaces, giving a significant level of stability while making an important contribution to the final surface quality.

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