When the sun is shining, it’s an ideal time to step outside and enjoy dining al fresco. The team at AMI Furniture has developed its new Fresco Collection website, bringing together some of the best in outdoor contract furniture from the UK and Europe.

Here are the AMI team’s top tips when it comes to thinking about the ideal outdoor dining experience:

• Choose an adaptable selection of furniture, so that large groups of people can be accommodated, as well as couples or families.

• With the growing cafe culture in the UK, everyone knows you only get one chance to make a first impression. Your outdoor furniture may be your best opportunity to make an impact and differentiate yourself from your neighbours.

• Above all, consider the many and varied conditions of a British summer and make sure you select colourfast furniture with good UV resistance and great rust resistance!

AMI knows how important a venue’s external furnishing can be: it adds a lively and enjoyable dimension to dining; gets customers out into the open, encourages a good appetite and gives venues the opportunity to make the most of their outdoor space.

A multitude of striking ideas for furnishing outdoor spaces in time for summer can be found at the new website, which brings together the best in outdoor furniture from the UK and Europe.

With an emphasis on high quality, minimal maintenance products, the AMI team can recommend the perfect models to suit each unique venue style and budget.