Modern restaurant design has the ability to change the mood and overall feel of a venue, impact customer experience, as well as affect staff morale.

To ensure a restaurant or bar looks its best, specifiers and installers must create a modern and inviting space, which often starts with the floor.

Zoning, statement floors and personalised flooring are all key trends we’re seeing great appetite for in the world of leisure and hospitality this year.

When specifying flooring in settings such as pubs and restaurants, designers are increasingly seeing the benefits of luxury vinyl (LVT) to create the desired finish, with authentic patterns, endless colours and effective material all to choose from.

Not only is it flexible and often easier to install than real wood or stone, for example, the products are dramatically cheaper and more durable, affording designers more scope when it comes to budgeting for those finishing touches.


Whether the cuisine is al la carte or pub grub, the art of ‘zoning’ allows restaurants to create completely different looking floors in the one room or space.

Various areas or ‘zones’ can be fashioned by dividing the floor with texture or colour for a decorative finish. Defining sections of a venue can allow restauranteurs to appeal to a wider audience, for example, those wanting to drop in for a casual, post-work drink or those looking for a more formal dining experience.

How it’s done

Collections such as our Moods range allow designers to create their own unique flooring pattern. Whether it’s a geometric, art-deco tile finish or a more traditional herringbone effect, the Moods studio can help create any look that is required.

The different tiles can also be complemented by authentic wood- and stone-effect planks to create stand-out zones in the same room without losing consistency or flow in the space.

Statement floors

The statement floor has quickly become the new statement wall in so much that designers are turning their focus underfoot to create a decorative, impactful design that inspires the rest of the space.

For example, a chevron floor design will instantly draw customers’ attention, allowing restaurateurs to keep fixtures and fittings simple and minimalist.

Statement floors are becoming an increasingly popular trend thanks to their ability to allow restaurants to create a unique mood and convey their individual personality to customers.

Using a range of shapes from hexagons and triangles, to squares and herringbone, establishments can be bold and create instantly recognisable designs that add value to their brand.

Personalised flooring

The restaurant industry is a competitive one, with establishments using every tool in their amour to stand out from the crowd.

It goes without saying as well as the cuisine and service, the look and feel of the restaurant must have a positive influence when getting customers through the door.

Again, Moods offers designers the opportunity to create flooring solutions that are completely unique and personalised to a restaurant’s heritage, menu or cultural inspirations. Such touches allow restauranteurs to create an inviting, eye-catching space that’s completely their own and exclusive.

Style as well as substance

The finished look of the restaurant means nothing unless it is able to withstand the daily foot traffic of patrons and servers, as well as the shuffling of chairs and tables.

All of our products are manufactured to withstand heavy footfall, reducing the need for replacing as a result of the expected levels of general wear and tear.

In settings like bars, hotels and restaurants, where safety and health hazards must be a key consideration, installing slip resistant flooring is paramount. Flooring that has a unique Protectonite PU wear-layer, for scratch and scuff resistance, and a slip resistance rating of R10, makes for the ideal solution in such environments.

Something for everyone

The latest technological advances in LVT mean that being creative with flooring has never been easier.

Establishments can not only install a flooring solution that is high-quality, durable and on-trend, but one that is in perfect keeping with the overall look and theme of the venue.

Whether a business opts to zone or design an impactful statement floor, it can all be achieved without compromising on durability or integrity.

We look forward to seeing what the rest of 2017 serves up.