How do you create surprise when you are already known for shaping exceptional Parisian places with extraordinary views? By offering Paris lovers a totally new and breathtaking panorama. Paris Society is once again making a big splash this fall, venturing out of its favourite playground, the Golden Triangle, to take over the eastern part of Paris.

It is at the top of the SO/Paris hotel in the Morland tower (IVe), as part of the call for projects 'reinventing Paris', that Paris Society has chosen to create a new Parisian party scene. Sixteen floors above ground, it offers an unsuspected perspective on the green banks of the Seine and its iconic monuments.

Bonnie could only take up residence in the heart of a reinvented Paris, and above all, high up in the sky. So it is on the top of the Morland Tower, with the Île Saint-Louis at its feet and the Eiffel Tower just a stone’s throw away, that this restaurant reveals itself, bar and club, topping the SO/Paris hotel with panache, the first Parisian establishment of the Ennismore group’s new premium concept.

The ‘Space Age’ breathes into Bonnie the roundness of its forms and the purity of its comfort. Under the precise and emotional direction of Jordane Arrivetz from Notoire agency, the panoramic view takes on cosmic allure and the disconnection borders on weightlessness.

From the psychedelic accents of the carpeting to the opulence of the benches, Bonnie immerses her guests in an enveloping cocoon and succeeds in synthesizing the sixties and the 2020s. A challenge that has been met even on the terrace, where art has its rightful place. Witness the stunning installation by Olafur Eliasson and Sebastian Benham: in his work ‘The Seeing City’, the artist, in collaboration with Studio Other Spaces, transforms the bay windows and the mirrored ceiling into a machine to amplify perceptions, duplicating the landscape and inverting perspectives.

On the 16th floor, guests are welcomed to the golden age of cool. Under the leadership of artistic director Emmanuel d’Orazio (Le Septième Ciel, Club Sandwich, Hot Spot, etc.), Bonnie opens the doors of his club every Thursday, Friday and Saturday to a Paris New-York vibe with an electro-disco rhythm of the '60s and '70s. Big brown leather sofas, large windows offering a view on all Paris, explosive cocktails, there is a bit of Studio 54 in this new Parisian temple of the night where the evenings promise to be as stunning as the view.