ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts, the first LXR resort under the Hilton brand in the Asia Pacific, is set to welcome guests in Autumn 2021.

Designed by BLINK Design Group, the property is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of Japanese culture and craftsmanship.

The Japanese aesthetic has been woven seamlessly by BLINK into the resort’s design and references its secluded surroundings at the foot of the Takagamine mountains. 

Named after the traditional craftsmanship of handmade paper, ROKU KYOTO pays homage to Japanese culture. BLINK has integrated aspects of traditional Kyoto with a contemporary design ethos into the interior design to realise a modern interpretation.

“Holding a strong belief in creating memorable spaces and taking every guest on a shared journey made by people and place, we are thrilled to work with LXR Hotels & Resorts to create an authentic experience at ROKU KYOTO which illustrates a great respect to Kyoto’s rich heritage and culture," says Clint Nagata, Founder and Creative Partner of BLINK shares. "Each space in the resort is inspired by various traditional Japanese elements with the aim of connecting people, culture, and nature."

From the moment guests approach the lobby, a serene Zen journey begins with a mesmerising scene on arrival. To celebrate the unique quality and variety of techniques applied by Japanese craftsmanship, BLINK’s design is brought to life through a series of lacquerware and wooden elements that incorporate traditional and contemporary essences to envision a rich cultural backdrop in each distinct area.

"Each space in the resort is inspired by various traditional Japanese elements with the aim of connecting people, culture, and nature"

Inspired by the ancient shrine architecture often seen in Kyoto, the high-pitched ceilings feature framed windows that showcase the picturesque green landscape outside and draw natural daylight into the spacious interior.

Linked by the hallway, the tea lounge is divided by a series of parallel wooden pillars, with the space unveiling a long table in a simple design placed in the middle for intimate tea ceremony demonstrations.

Overlooking awe-inspiring mountainous scenery, the 114 elegantly curated rooms and suites range from 50 square metres to 110 square metres and are a zenith of comfort and serene sophistication. Highlighted by the sublime elements of both traditional Kyoto design and Japanese minimalistic elegance, the rooms and suites typify the height of artisanship and relaxation.

The culinary indulgence and scenic beauty of the river abounds at ROKU’s dining venue. Adjacent to the Tenjin River, the Pavilion features three distinct dining zones where guests can savour all-day dining with the finest locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

The magnificent natural views unveiled from the windows transform through seasons, seamlessly projecting the picturesque landscape of the river and water features, offering guests a unique dining experience at different times of the day.

Echoing the arrival lobby, the restaurant pavilion features Kyoto’s shrine-inspired architecture decorated with the bamboo weave pattern screen, reflecting the traditional yet timeless sense of Japanese style.

In considering various dining preferences, the different seat settings allow guests to take in an enthralling visual display of signature dishes by the head chef at the live kitchen counter with the “SHOUSUGI-BAN” (black charred wood wall) as the backdrop or to indulge in privacy.

Infused with a contemporary sensibility, the blue rusted copper wine shelves distinguish the bar and café area while guests can also choose to unwind at the tranquil outdoor seating area alongside the Tenjin River. 

Inspired by the stalks of bamboo in Kyoto’s stunning forest, BLINK blends Japanese Zen culture and natural elements into the interior design of the spa. The calm and peaceful interior is filled with ceramics depicting the shape of bamboo to reinvigorate body, mind, and spirit to welcome and encourage the philosophy of Japan’s healing tradition.