Upon entering Thompson Nashville’s lobby, guests are greeted by a striking compass rose-inspired wooden floor inlay created by Patrick Hayes of the 1767 creative collection. Composed of locally salvaged materials, and with brass detailing delineating the hotel’s global co-ordinates, the piece creates an immediate sense of place. 

The lobby space as a whole – with its handcrafted tapestries, custom-designed light fixtures and furniture – encapsulates the hotel’s residential feel, with a uniquely modern slant. 

“The overall vision for the hotel was to authentically define what Nashville modern means through fashion-forward and timeless design,” affirms Danu Kennedy, design director at Parts and Labor Design. “The style has a vintage modern inspiration, with a warm and welcoming vibe that is luxurious yet simple. 

“A residential eclecticism is felt through the fixturing, case goods, tapestries and rugs, and a very personal curatorial vision for the art. Which all together is meant to suggest accessible and relatable luxury.”

In terms of the hotel’s F&B offering, a rooftop bar and first floor restaurant offer entirely different experiences both in terms of menu and interior. Thompson Nashville’s seafood restaurant, The Marsh House, is inspired by a southern estate green room, and is unapologetically bold with its custom-patterned geometric floor and grey glass chandeliers. Layers of materials and fixtures provide guests with a different perspective and experience based on their choice of table. 

L.A. Jackson, meanwhile, boasts stiking views over downtown Nashville. Flamingo coloured floor tiles lead to a central massive race track bar made of stamped concrete with a contoured wooden top. Dining areas throughout feature blue velvet banquettes that mix saw tooth detailing with patterned fabric and stainless steel topped tables.

Custom upholstered ceiling panels overhead feature circular glass chandeliers end to end and, anchoring the back of the main space, is a communal table with an eye-catching tropical modern-themed wallcovering and custom chandelier.

The attention to detail throughout the hotel is clear to see, and even the corridors create a welcoming, luxurious feel with their plush, geometric pattern carpeting, herringbone leather ottomans and custom furnishings. Parts and Labor Design has considered the flow, and quality of the guests’ journey, encouraging them to feel comfortable and at home in their surroundings. 

“Our goal was to establish as many ‘moments’ for the traveller as possible, from their first step into the lobby to when they settle in their room,” affirms Danu. “We put as much thought into each piece in the hotel as we would into our own personal homes, with the idea that this will translate to the guests that they are staying in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

“The hotel’s design aesthetic is reflective of its neighbourhood with a dynamic energy there that fuels and sparks creativity. Working on this project, we felt passionate about giving this city a space that would excite and connect with both residents and guests.”