With an established history in the luxury division and known for its meticulous detailing, LOCO's creative solutions are driven by its in-house brands, Madheke, Taamaa and Pintark. The brands operate through three distinct spheres - Furniture & Accents, Accessories & Objet and Crafted Surfaces, that underlying the expertise of the design house.

Spearheaded by the desire to offer impeccable product and design services, LOCO’s services portfolio encompasses standard product, bespoke solutions and strategy in addition to an established manufacturing service.

The design house's growing team of technical specialists, craftsmen and design professionals unite a unique brew of skills across two decade, refined specialism in material crafting, product design engineering and strategy.



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+44(0)20 8972 1209

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UK Luxury Partner
The KS Group
Tel: +44(0)20 8972 1209
Email: info@theksgroup.com
Worldwide Enquiries
Mintum Gulati
Tel: +91 7838139945
Email: mintum@locodesign.in