BK Barrit is a Philadelphia-based manufacturer and wholesaler of restaurant furniture and specialises in supplying restaurant and office furniture for designers, restaurant chains, schools, libraries and other commercial / wholesale buyers of restaurant and office furniture. Founder, Bryson Kershner, tells us more ...

When was BK Barrit first founded, and how has the business progressed since?

When Barrit started in 1959, it was primarily office seating. Bryson Kershner purchased the company in 1998 and has since taken that capability to produce serious quality chairs for a reasonable price and moved it more towards hospitality.

Could you talk in more detail about BK Barrit's product offering?

BK Barrit offers thousands of seating and chair models from café dining, through high end dining and into lounge seating. We offer standard pieces but do custom as a matter of course.

BK Barrit is able to work with clients to specify its standard product, modify its product or work from their seating design solutions. The company is an A grade producer with features like tongue and groove, screwed and glued corner blocks, mortise and tenon where possible, any species of wood, etc.

Could you tell me more about BK Barrit's manufacturing facilities/ operational set-up?

We can meet orders for one chair or a thousand chairs, both standard and custom designs. Our manufacturing capabilities are extensive, with one million square feet of factory in the United States.

"We are unique because of our flexibility; we make thousands of models and do serious custom work"

What makes BK Barrit such a good fit for the hospitality sector in particular?

We are unique because of our flexibility; we make thousands of models and do serious custom work. We are able to make samples upon request for your approval and/or modification. We are flexible in our lead time and can work to all budget ranges.

BK Barrit offers real value in its orchestration of the design and prototype process, value engineering, helping to determine budgets and ensure quality, while providing clients with seating that meets their needs.

Could you talk about a recent or notable hospitality project?

BK Barrit just completed several Planet Hollywood projects, and has made tables and chairs for Gloria Estefan's new Miami location.

Are there any upcoming projects or developments for BK Barrit that you're able to tell us about?

Barrit is currently working on a number of high end restaurants, country club projects, custom lounge projects and several worship spaces, amongst other jobs. We can do it!! Custom or standard, high end or budget.