Set in a Victorian basement close to London Bridge, Nine Lives will bring some much needed cocktail culture to the foodie district of Bermondsey Street, SE1.

The name Nine Lives refers to an ethos of salvation – unveiled treasures, nothing wasted, everything lovingly sourced and selected with intention.

Recipes are reinvented from past favourites, ingredients are repurposed to reduce waste, disposables are removed from the bar’s operation, even the embroidered staff uniforms have been discovered in London’s best vintage shops.

Nine Lives has been designed by Sweet&Chilli’s owner and creative director, Emma Hutchison (Hutch). The subtle entrance, ceiling high balustrade and warm scented lobby welcome guests into a bar full of intrigue and texture.

Hutch drew inspiration from her studies in film and, like the cuts of a movie, feels her designs should pass by unseen.

"Nine Lives is a total passion project," says Sweet&Chilli co-founder, Allan Gage. "It’s a blend of all the things that make Sweet&Chilli tick - superb service, tasty drinks, mad styles & music we love. Just a place we want to bring mates to and the proud result of lives spent behind bars.”