From its offices in the UK and the US, Aquarium Architecture designs, installs and maintains fish tanks for properties around the world. The company’s creative director, Roland Horne, leads a team of 12 experts – including three field engineers, one structural engineer and an aquascaper – to create striking focal points for interiors.

Each bespoke Aquarium Architecture fish tank includes rare tropical fish, dazzling colours and light effects. One hospitality venue to feature one of the company’s bespoke fish tanks is the Exotic Thai Restaurant in Dubai, which houses a combination of colourfully-patterned discus fish, Japanese shrimp and Thai freshwater fauna. Made of glass and with a system of 3000l, the tank measures 3000 x 600 x 1000mm.

A private club in Brooklyn, New York, commissioned a large striking Iwagumi aquarium. The 3000l tank includes striking features and stimulating lighting, which can be controlled remotely by an iPhone.

Closer to home, the Aspinalls club in Mayfair, London, features an Australian Great Barrier Reef aquarium within its opulent interiors. With a system of 2500l, the aquarium is full of sustainably-sourced livestock. Also in Mayfair, private members’ club Home House specified a freshwater planted aquarium, which was sponsored by Moet and is surrounded by 22 carat gold.

Chaobaby in Sheffield is home to the largest privately-owned jellyfish aquarium in the world. Holding 50 moon jellyfish, with a 5000l system, the tank was hand built and made from cast acrylic. The aquarium creates an eye-catching feature within the restaurant.

Manchester’s Urban Bar houses a large Fijian reef, in keeping with the venue’s Melanesian theme. The aquarium holds over 1500l of water and 150kg of live Fijian rock, all camouflaged to complement the interior of the bar. Following the success of this installation, a second aquarium was specified for the bar’s sister venue.