For those who aren’t aware, could you explain a little about Loco Design and its brands?

LOCO Design is a specialist design house with a services portfolio encompassing standard product, bespoke commissions, product design engineering and interior strategy, in addition to an established manufacturing service.

The company was founded by director Parminder Pal Singh and is today known for its exceptional design translation, material crafting, and meticulous detailing. The design’s house’s vision, based on core values of innovation, integrity and opportunity has set the tone for LOCO’s approach, informed by Singh’s in depth relationship with material and its application

LOCO’s lifestyle solutions are driven by its in-house brands, Madheke, Taamaa and Pintark. The brands operate through three distinct spheres of Furniture & Accents, Accessories & Objet and Crafted Surfaces, underlying the expertise of the design house. Each brand distinct, different yet inspiring to one another.

Pintark has recently launched some new products, could you tell us more about these?

Yes, launching at Surface Design 2018. We’ve been developing new designs and concepts for our standard collections. The graphic illusion inspired compositions particularly stand out. They feature as hangings, the complexity of which can be augmented with materials specified.

"Our new light integrated surfaces combine a textured crafted surface with a modern back lit aesthetic"

Our new light integrated surfaces combine a textured crafted surface with a modern back lit aesthetic. They work really well for spaces that need to transform from day to night in a subtle manner. They’re easy to maintain which I feel is key in making this type of product viable.

What makes LOCO such a good fit for the hospitality industry?

We have an established track record with international clients from the luxury sector, we’ve often thought about how to extend our knowledge and expertise to a bigger audience. Our hospitality package brings together product solutions across amenities, decor and crafted surface – the blend of product makes the service a seamless fit to today’s needs of the hospitality industry, which requires solutions that extend to detail and branding in addition to standard.

Which key hospitality trends do you feel Pintark will need to create solutions for going forwards?

Looking forward, Pintark will be focusing on developments in texture, three dimensional explorations, illusions and muted/earthy colours.

Do you have any upcoming launches/ news you can share with us?

Pintark will be at Surface Design 2018 and back in the UK during London Design week at Design London.

2018 also sees a bigger visibility for the brand and with greater access to the product through several promotional collaborations that we’re currently working on. Closer to home, we are at ID India Design in February, which is India’s leading design event, held in the capital New Delhi.