If you think choosing a mattress for your own bedroom is hard, imagine choosing the mattress that hundreds of people will be sleeping on.

Ensuring your guests get a high-quality night’s sleep should be your top priority if you wish to offer your guests the most luxurious stay. The mattresses you use greatly affect the quality of sleep of your guests.

As a leading mattress retailer here at My Next Mattress we often come across people asking what mattresses are used in the biggest hotel chains. Although we offer a big selection of manufacturers, one of the brands we always advise people to invest in is Sealy.

With a long heritage of providing comfortable sleep for millions of people around the world, those mattresses are chosen by thousands of hoteliers as their go to brand. Now you might be wondering why is Sealy a top choice for hotels all over the world?

Supreme Quality

Well, there are many reasons why Sealy mattresses are used in holiday homes, hotels and BnBs, the first one of them being quality.

The detail-oriented manufacturing process backed by international standards on quality management, speaks for the level of quality Sealy put into all of their products. Throughout the years the brand has become one that people can completely trust for high quality and longevity.

A good night’s sleep not only provides rest, it also supports a person’s physical health and quality of life, and in the hospitality industry it can be what makes the difference between satisfied guests and guests that will never return. Investing in quality mattresses can deliver a massive return-on-investment in the form of regular guests who continue to choose your establishment for their holiday, business travel or overnight stay.

Restful Night’s Sleep for All Your Guests

Finding a mattress that suits various preferences and needs when you have so many different people staying over is a challenge every hotelier faces. By employing the highest level of sleep technology, Sealy have mastered the art of developing innovative mattress support systems that address various individual needs.

As a brand Sealy are committed to research and development with the purpose of sleep innovation and we can certainly get behind this. A well-designed mattress will provide your guests with the restful sleep they need to wake refreshed and full of energy the next morning.

Premium Support and Comfort

In our experience, the Sealy mattress range offers pristine support for people of all ages and builds with various patented spring technologies and features like edge-to-edge support that allow for better weight distribution. As well as the optimal support, Sealy offers a range of comfort levels to fit different preferences, from firm to pleasantly plush or anything in between.

To deliver this outstanding level of comfort, along with the advanced sleep technology development, during the manufacturing process Sealy put great importance on selecting the finest quality raw materials. In conjunction with the plush support layers, the innerspring system and premium quality materials guarantee that your mattress is going to last. This is essential for businesses in the hospitality industry because you want to ensure your guests get the same level of comfort for years to come.

As a standard Sealy mattresses come with a 5-year guarantee, however, in our years of experience we have seen them last much longer. If you want to invest in the comfort of your guests then this is the optimal choice for your business.

Discover our Sealy mattress range for yourself at www.mynextmattress.co.uk/brands/sealy.